Monday, August 30, 2004

007, psycho drunks and late night coffee

happy birthday to you, little brother! :-D

I can't believe you're already 14... sniff sniff! teka, tama ba bilang ko? hehhe. nways i am sooo proud of you!

+ + +

It's the am of a monday, and well, i'm up. Just came in from late night coffee with Maree and Herb at CBTL, where we pretty much had an interesting time. Well, for most part.(Btw, am using Lucee's ImaC, and having a bit of a problem adjusting to it.hehhe) Nways, we pretty much closed the place down and decided to ride the jeep back home. unfortunately, the jeep picked up some weird passengers (high ata) and it was pretty disconcerting. *sigh* and i had been wearing my skirt so it was doubly so for me. We went down at Maree's house and i decided to take a cab home instead. A bit pricey, but hey, i feel much safer....

While we were waiting for a cab, we talked, and seeing one we hailed it. The freaky thing about this was the car in front of it suddenly stopped by our side. Putangina! they actually thought we were trying to get picked up, the assholes! GAWD! They had the nerve!! And the sad fact aboutit was, THEY WERE UGLY! Not only that, they were butt-friggin' ugly, and drunk at that! GEEZ!

+ + +

Backtrack of the day...

After resizing the pics my boss asked me to do, Lucee and I went to buy her kleats, and stopped at Podium for some lunch. Took her to try out China Star, which they had the best iced lemon tea and ha kaw (yummy!) We then went to Galleria and shopped a bit. They were having a sale so i got myself a bikini and a pair of pinstripe pants (a steal for P400). Yippee! I feel the stretch on my wallet tho... nuninuninu...

+ + +

Coming home, i decided to finally finish my 007 movie (diamonds are forever). See, forthe past few days iv'e been tryingt o finish this movie, but due to lack of sleep and some problems with our dvd player, i wasn't able to finish it. Thank god the player cooperated tonight! I FINALLY got to finsih it AND watch another movie (From Russia with love). Herb and MAree soon came over and watched the film with me.

+ + +

i'm having weight issues again. I feel and look so damn fat. I know, i know, it's such a predicament that is waaay below the priority, especially for a girl. But hell, i was trying out my pants earlier, and i KNOW i am fat. ARgh. I wish i can just lose 20lbs. STAT! Geez. Inthis day and age of scientific breakthrough, there are more people who are fat and obese. Is this merely the result of laziness or has science coddled us into this state? :-P As usual, i tryto rationalize and blame it one something else. hahha. I really should just stick to my so-called idet, but it never works. *sigh*.

+ + +

Watching 007 earlier, Lucee and I breached every so often the issue of men and chest hair. Yup, i loathe men with chest hair. Very few of the guys i dated had chest hair, and none of my exes had it (or if there was, it was very little) Yup, i am pretty particular about this. I was talking about this with a guy i once dated and upon mentioning that, he fell silent. Yup, turns out, he was pretty hairy in the chest area, and i kinda felt bad about it. Harhar. Still, despite that particular thing, i must say that his brains and the uncanny ability to make me laugh won me over (thank god for that) and we had a few ore dates after that.

Regardless of this experience though, my mindset about hairy chests hasn't changed. I mean, c'mon, it's like licking a carpet (insert cat caught with hairball in throat sounds here) Like i always exclaim, "yeeach". I like my men hairless (well, not completely) with brains and a sense of humor. Hairy twits need not apply.

+ + +

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